Packing Services

S S Cargo Packers and movers are understand the fact that proper packaging of your goods is of most importance to ensure their safety during relocation. Proper attention is given to minute details while packing the goods. Wrapping papers, cartons, wooden boxes, quality tapes and markers are used extensively while packing goods. Special care is taken while packing glass items and other sophisticated, breakable and expensive items.

Our rates are very, very competitive and you shall be surprised that topmost level of packers and movers service is being provided at such rates .So please contact us for further details and do allow us to surprise you, so that you can relax and start enjoying other pleasures of life instead of worrying about the packet that must reach your client, that too on a holiday. We will do it, you just relax and enjoy your holiday and earn your well-deserved appreciation from the boss for a job done well.

It is necessary to use the right kind of packaging material when packing up your household items to help prevent damage. There are many different size boxes suitable for different items and there are a variety of other packing materials available with Advance india packers and movers.


Available in different sizes and capacity

Miscellaneous Packing Materials :

  • Tape : The most common tape used for carton sealing is a plastic tape called "PVC".
  • Tissue paper : This can be used to pack up delicate or easily broken items by layering over an over again.
  • Bubble wrap : This is another material used as cushioning material.
  • Ziploc bags : These can be used for an assortment of things including small bits and pieces you may have lying about in containers and drawers.