Transportation Services

S S Cargo Packers and Movers  arrange truck pick ups from anywhere in the India for delivery to airlines, depots, warehouses and docks for vessel shipment, and to end users.

Similarly for shipments imported, we can arrange pick up from airports and docks for delivery to final importer.

We also arrange pick ups for our courier air service for documents and small packages, as well as the more traditional sized heavy duty shipments.

For shipments in 20′ and/or 40′ and even 45′ containers from clients warehouse to port of export and on to vessel for shipment to destination.

S S Cargo Packers and Movers delivers superior less-than-truckload (LTL) performance, comprehensive coverage and service excellence across Pakistan. Our single network of more than 365 operating locations enables us to provide improved exception-free delivery, better on-time service performance and faster transit times in local, regional and national markets. We also provide superior trans border service  Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and domestic offshore locations.

In addition to world-class transportation performance, S S Cargo Packers and Movers  Freight offers exceptional customer service at every level, supported by industry professionals and state-of-the-art processes and technology that save time and ensure consistent exception-free shipping. Use the following links for more information on our regional and longhaul service.